You Suddenly Complete Me, 2013 - present

This body of work encapsulates the relationship between myself and my partner Lewis. I began this series of photographs on the very first day that we met under London Bridge. Totally unintentional and honest, just an urge to take the pictures. The selection of photographs shown here are a very small collection taken from the full body of work I have made.  These photographs capture the details of our times together. As time has passed, I began to want to show something about Lewis in the work, as well as something about myself. 

As the photographs have aged and us with them, they continue to present moments of our life together. Allowing us to re-live them.

The work has gained attention recently after sharing it. Most notably from PhotoWorks, where they exhibited a collection of the pictures in their 2016 Annual. A photograph I made of Lewis also made their front cover.

Please click HERE to read the article in PhotoWorks

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